I'm so surprised cuz I didn't know I can use this blog service in google account!! lol
Anyway, it's very useful, i love it.
These days i was planning to have a blog to write in English, but i had no idea.
but this is really a good tool for me!
OK, so let's start from now.

A month passed since i left Prague.
this month i was in a bad condition and could nothing.
but now i think i needed this empty time like this.
It seems that I was tired after my big adventure of last 3 months in Prague, although I was not conscious at all.
It was really happy and successful time for me, but i guess i used all of my power and abilities in this term.
so i took a rest well, and now im... ok, i guess...not really sure lol
but i think now i can start something towards study in Prague.

ah, this blog is so comfortable to make articles...! suprising!!

good night, sweet dreams.